Sponsor a Child


Starved for love and care, thousands of children in India grow up despised because of their social status.

These children are vulnerable to become bonded labor, beggars, drug addicts and many of these also end up into child prostitution.

Through your support you can

Give them a new life
A secured future
Love and support

Shalom functions through individual sponsorship program and through general funds contributed by the donors.

Through your sponsorship you will help a child break free from the clutches of poverty and gift the child a future full of hope

Did you know Facts?

  • India is estimated to have one-third of the world’s poor.
  • A third of the world’s malnourished children live in India according to UNICEF
  • India has the highest rate of child marriage in the world
  • Children who live on the street with their families and often work on the street
  • Child labourers suffer from exhaustion, injury, exposure to dangerous chemicals, plus muscle and bone afflictions
  • Poverty is the prime cause of the street children crisis.